China blouse with red flower pattern made by flat cutting

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This time, I’d like to introduce you to a continuous-sleeved type of Chinese clothing.

It is a Chinese blouse with a red flower pattern made by “flat cutting”.

Flat cutting is a method of cutting by drawing lines directly on the fabric without using a paper pattern.

This is why it is also called “direct cutting”.

It is a traditional Chinese cutting method.


China blouse with red flower pattern made by flat cutting

平裁ちでつくった赤色花柄のチャイナブラウス。atelier leilei提供。

There are no darts, no sleeves, and each garment is made from a single piece of cloth.

More fabric is used than in regular clothes. It is comfortable to wear without constricting the body.

When you wear the double-sleeved type, there will be natural wrinkles around the shoulders and under the sleeves, but it is very comfortable to wear.


Material & Color

  • Body: 100% cotton (made in Japan), off-white and red
  • Piping and China buttons: T/C broadcloth (35% polyester, 65% cotton), made in Japan. The color is dark red.
  • Decorative buttons: natural stone

Handmade back side

スリットの矢印が上手くいくと、なんか嬉しい。平裁ちでつくった赤色花柄のチャイナブラウス。atelier leilei提供。

It’s kind of nice when the slit arrows work.

The most time-consuming part is making the China buttons!

It takes five sets of stitches to make one blouse.

I wondered how many stitches I had to do. The loop width is 3 mm.

細い毛糸を入れながらまつり縫い、ブラウス一着には5セットが必要です。平裁ちでつくった赤色花柄のチャイナブラウス。atelier leilei提供。

It’s been a while since I’ve made a Chinese blouse.♪

久しぶりにチャイナブラウスが出来あがり♪平裁ちでつくった赤色花柄のチャイナブラウス。atelier leilei提供。

atelier leilei




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